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Kelchner's Hot Mustard

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Kelchners mustard

Postby Dojinn В» 26.02.2020

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When you work in the horseradish business, you can't help smelling like you work in the horseradish business. The aroma of horseradish is the sweet smell of success for Slaymaker and his wife, Mimi, owners of the family business, and Rankin, whom Slaymaker met when they sang in a church choir as youths.

Horseradish made by the company is a staple on local supermarket and seafood store shelves and has had the same plain label, which reads "Horse-Radish," since While it's far from Kraft, Kelchner's has grown into a major player in the horseradish industry. Its products are sold from Maine to the Carolinas. In , the company sold about 1. In recent years, cocktail sauce has overtaken horseradish as the company's top seller.

In Kelchner's bought , tons of horseradish root, which comes mostly from Illinois and Canada and arrives in 1,pound bales of what looks like twigs and branches. All this horseradish is stored, washed, sorted, ground up, made into relish and sauces, bottled, boxed and distributed. According to the Horseradish Information Council, an industry trade association, an estimated 24 million pounds of horseradish are processed annually.

The yield is about 6 million gallons of prepared horseradish. Horseradish has been around a long time. The Egyptians grew it in B. As for the name, Slaymaker and others believe it evolved from the German word for the plant, which is "meerrettich" or "sea radish. When it spread to England, Slaymaker said, the name was Anglicized to "mare radish," and this was eventually turned into "horseradish.

By the end of the s, no English meal of beef or mutton was complete without some of the tangy root. Horseradish is a root plant and a member of the crucifer family that also includes cabbage, turnips, broccoli, and, of course, radishes. Kelchner's was started in by Preston Kelchner, a Mennonite minister. It was originally in Bloomsburg, Columbia County. In Kelchner moved his small company to Dublin. Slaymaker's father, Walter, a salesman in the pharmaceutical industry, purchased Kelchner's in The elder Slaymaker, who died in , used his sales skills to increase the business and expand the company's reach.

John Slaymaker grew up at Kelchner's, chopping roots, labeling bottles and loading trucks after school and over the summer. His three older brothers, Terry, 60, Bill, 52, and Andy, 56, spent time working at the company, but moved on to other careers.

Mimi Slaymaker handles administrative duties for the company, and Rankin oversees a small fleet of trucks that deliver Kelchner's products. In , the company was running out of room at its cramped Dublin headquarters and began to look for local warehouse space to store bales of horseradish.

The problem was that horseradish isn't a good neighbor. So the company built its own warehouse and moved all its operations to its current headquarters at S. Main St. The company recently partnered with Dutch Valley Foods, a distribution company that will expand the company's territory west to the Mississippi River. According to Slaymaker, Kelchner's still uses the same recipes Preston Kelchner devised in the s. Their Horse-Radish sauce is made from horseradish, white distilled vinegar, salt and some flavoring.

A six-month expiration date is stamped on each bottle because as time goes on horseradish loses its pungency. The whiter the horseradish looks, the better the taste, Slaymaker said, which is why Kelchner's comes in clear bottles. Like grapes, different weather produces slightly different horseradish roots.

Some years, Slaymaker said, the horseradish is "zippier. To his friends and family, Slaymaker is known as the King of Horseradish, a title he seems to relish.

Other products: Cocktail sauce, hot mustard with horseradish, tartar sauce, horseradish beet sauce. Little-known company fact: Kelchner's also distributes approximately 1, food products, mostly specialty sauces and other items that go with seafood. This makes up about 25 percent of revenue. But Slaymaker and Rankin aren't complaining.

How to make Creamy Horseradish Sauce!, time: 9:22
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Re: kelchners mustard

Postby JoJosar В» 26.02.2020

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Re: kelchners mustard

Postby Tagul В» 26.02.2020

There's nothing in your shopping basket, but together we can change that! Their Horse-Radish sauce is made from horseradish, white distilled vinegar, salt and some flavoring. December 23,

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Re: kelchners mustard

Postby Dicage В» 26.02.2020

Aroundthe company started producing specialty mustards with horseradish as a key ingredient. Shop Now 16 Love It 4 Comments. Nancy Bartusch Owner. Name as it appears on your card.

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