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Contact Airbnb Customer Service Quickly

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Airbnb kontakt tel

Postby Dotaur В» 11.10.2019

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Does anyone know how to contact airbnb via phone or email? We are in a continuous loop back to the Help Center -- and would really like to talk to someone "live" -- is that possible with airbnb? We are new hosts, and our rates are being misinterpreted by airbnb, so our potential guests are being quoted incorrect totals. They also seem to take our basic nightly rate and then make calculations that don't match what we would normally charge. This is really getting complicated and confusing. Can anyone tell us how to get in touch with a customer service rep for airbnb?

Thank you. The easiest and quickest way to get answers to any issues is through contacting Airbnb's Community Experts.

If they cannot answer your question, they have the ability to re-route you to Airbnb. Step 2: From the bottom of the screen, choose either "My question is about something else" or "I have a different issue".

Step 3: Follow the prompts to figure out what best describes your issues. Some things you choose will take you to specific information whereas others you can fill in the text box and submit your question. When you submit a question, you can expect an answer back from a Community Expert within five minutes but usually less.

If the Community Expert cannot help you, they can re-route your issue to Airbnb who will then contact you. Airbnb Community Experts do not have access to your account information so if it is a question that can only be answered with account information, they will re-route you automatically. I find the second best and easiest way to contact Airbnb regarding any issues I may be having is by using Twitter.

Airbnb seems to have dedicated staff who monitor their Twitter feeds and I usually hear back from them within 24 hours. But I've never had an urgent situation. They may ask for information such as your listing but always provide it over DM so it is not public. Here are the phone numbers for Airbnb. If the area where you are hosting is not listed, check out the two ways below this list in order to find their number for your area.

I am a new host and have no idea how to pass on my bank account details to air b and b to facilitate direct payments to me for a confirmed booking to enable me block such a booking or open dialogue with the guest prior arrival.

Our rates are also being misinterprettted to mean room rates for our spacious apartments where we charge. It seems you need some better understanding on how to setup your listings and get all values set to accommodate, what you have to offer. Many thanks. Will try and follow the links. More so I am in Zimbabwe and I opted for Payoneer pay out for my first hosting which I am still to figure out how to access or if I can do online payments and if when my Payoneer card arrives next month , I will be able to use it locally in shops that display the mastercard logo.

They were very good communicators who will help me to improve on the grey ares that they highlighted on a questionnare that I gave them. I sincerely appreciate them. Blatantly, these are lies and forgery , so I did try to contact AIRBNB Community Experts by mail and phone, many times, and each time I have been fooled again in your much organized loops, by phone particularly when I've been made waiting for 45 mn to talk to a "supervisor", then I have been brutally disconnect and sent back again in the loops.

Very sly method, but I am a hard head : as the reservations made gave me the phone numbers of my deceived hosts, so I did contact them to gather the evidences.

Now, I will sue AirBnB with all these evidences, and my duty as a fellow citizen is also to whistleblow about such disgusting methods, telling by any mean to the largest audiences - travellers and hosts - that they must not trust AirBnB. And, of course, by showing the evidences. Hi all. I joined last year. When I did I set the site for 7 days min and pre-authorisation. Despite this a client was allowed to double book. I had to cancel on the site. Which to date still carries her indignant review comment.

I immediately tried to source alternative accomodation for her family and continued to do so until sorted. The only review I have is her negative one and the system won't allow me to remove it.

Yet threatens to remove my property for lack of bookings. Difficult to find a human to talk to. Cheers Rob. The review is not a comment left by your previous guest. But it is an automated posting by Airbnb, as some sort of a punishment to you. Because you cancelled a confirmed booking. And because of this automated posting, most likely other possible guests, will skip your accommodation for booking as it is the only review on your profile.

Hosts cancelling confirmed bookings, is one of the worst nightmares to guests No matter what the reason is. Or what you did to solve the situation. As far as I can read, you did not really prevent your listing from being booked. While you already had a booking from another site — or something. You should have blocked the dates in your calendar.

All the other stuff, will not avoid you to get a booking-request! Unless you are in a very high demand area. This will most likely block your listing from being booked ever. Maybe the best solution for you would be, to open a complete new account with a new listing and to get rid of the existing account and listing. I must add: This is certainly against the rules of Airbnb!!!! But maybe, when you give Airbnb a call.

They might be willing to help you, to get rid of this review. Because you made a beginner-mistake. In the end, when you get bookings, they will earn money.

This platform is so user unfriendly when it comes to muliple rooms and a channel manager HELP. Any decent contacts seem to always get soemone who gives different or incomplete info. Do they do a case manager system?

Betsy and Bud Phillips, we have the same problem! I send countless emails to Airbnb with my complaints with no reaction. At the moment they send guests to us and we receive more than half of our base price. It isn't even enough to clean the apartment and the laundry. I had 4 guests staying for one night and imagine the amount of linen and cleaning!

They left the apartment messy. I'm new too and have had exactly the same problem. I need to cancel my first listing my original abnb which is no longer appropriate and cant seem to get out of a loop! All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. How to contact airbnb directly -- by phone or email. Bud7 in Gold River, CA. Level 2.

Re: How to contact airbnb directly -- by phone or email. Ali40 in Crozet, VA. Level Here are 3 possible ways to contact Airbnb: 1. Airbnb Community Experts 2. Twitter Direct Message Airbnbhelp 3. Calling Airbnb 1. Contacting Airbnb's Community Experts The easiest and quickest way to get answers to any issues is through contacting Airbnb's Community Experts.

Contacting Airbnb Via Twitter I find the second best and easiest way to contact Airbnb regarding any issues I may be having is by using Twitter. Reply Loading Psyche1 in San Francisco, CA.

Level 1. We seem to be getting a flat rate that may not cover our tax. Cor3 in Langerak, South Holland, Netherlands. What's left is to see how I will receive and spend my money as I learn the ropes. Kind regards. Most likely, this was a beginner-fault.

But nevertheless, you are now stuck with this situation. Kathy in Olinda, Australia. Erna27 in South Africa. Adam in Budapest, Hungary.

Lynsey13 in Westbury-on-Severn, GB.

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Re: airbnb kontakt tel

Postby Dall В» 11.10.2019

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Ready to get started? They literally JUST did the same to me….

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Re: airbnb kontakt tel

Postby Shakak В» 11.10.2019

Despite this leaking client was allowed to double book. I own a airbnb and the tenant has installed internal doors with locks and split the 2 bed apartment into 3 seperate car all sharing one small toilet. I am really disappointed with Airbnb and am hoping that there will not water a greater danger to future young women who visit that establishment advertised tank the Airbnb website. They closed my account on the see more that they were basically discriminating against me so I decided to take legal action and kontakt not going to let tel get away with this. A few days ago, i found out there is only 1 toilet without a sink!

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Re: airbnb kontakt tel

Postby Malar В» 11.10.2019

Thats why i called my cc bank and advised to file a dispute. They should do a background check on ALL Host. If this was kontait hotel, no problem you can cancel.

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